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Healthy Food on a picnic table outside SELF Health in Harrapool, Isle of Skye

Nourishing Scotland's Future

We're on a mission to make real nutrition accessible to all. Empowering our communities and inspiring change, one bite at a time.

Collage of colourful photos of SELF Health nutritios food, including salads, smoothies, and sweet treats

Healthy Food for Everyone


Our core purpose is to bring healthy, nutritionally trustworthy food to as many people as possible, as fast and as cheap as possible. As a social enterprise, we want to take the profit out of food, pay the people that work with us very well, and make real nutrition an option for everyone.

In our dreams, we want people to come and work with us, educate them on how to prepare and serve this wonderful food, and empower them to take that knowledge back to their own community to set up something so strong and positive that it will be with us until the great wave washes us all away!

For the well-being warrior who's already sensed the need for change, for the freedom-seeker discovering new horizons, and for the everyday Scot seeking a fresh start – SELF Health is your gateway to vitality, knowledge, and a united community. We're not just talking food; we're talking transformation. Our mission is clear: revolutionise your relationship with food and nourishment, making nutrition accessible, affordable, and flavourful while creating a strong sense of community at the same time. Let's shape a healthier Scotland, together.

Food on Skye
Self Health Food on picnic table overlooking Broadford Bay

Scotland’s Healthiest Food Truck​​


This is where our story began. Set amidst this stunning backdrop, in Harrapool on the Isle of Skye, the SELF food truck is open in the summer season. If you live locally or are exploring the island, visit us for a hearty bowl of nourishing fare. The truck is currently open from 12-2pm and 4.30-5.30pm, Monday to Thursday. Ideal for dining on the deck or grabbing a healthy dinner after work or exploring.

The Nourish Bundle

Enjoy 10 delicious, nutritious takeaways for only £50! 


Why buy a bundle?

Budget-friendly meals that are good for you, save you time, and are big on flavour!


Purchase your Nourish Bundle at the food truck and we'll give you an exclusive stamp card. Earn a stamp with every takeaway meal you collect, and use within 60 days of purchase. Simple!

Healthy takeaway food from SELF Health
Community Kitchen
Colourful salads served outside at SELF Health food truck

Strengthening Communities


SELF Health stands for something deeper. Scotland deserves more than ultra-processed fuel and it's time for a shift. Our vision? Every Scottish community - from Lerwick to Leverburgh to Lossiemouth to Largs - vibrant and thriving with SELF 'hubs' that nurture and educate. Let's replace our 'sick man of Europe' badge with a vibrant Scotland, nourished by its own larder and united in well-being practices.

We aim to establish a large centralised hub where amazing products can be produced and distributed on a large scale at the same time as educating those with the willingness and openness to learn, so they can bring that back to their own wee communities, sustainably.

Not only will our hubs offer life-changing food and drink, but they will be focal points for communities where we can all be educated in other life-enhancing practices like yoga, breath work and meditation. These services should be accessible to everyone and not only for the few who can afford it.

Can you imagine how our country would change if we all got well, and us Scots were no longer Europe's sickest person?


Want to Get Involved? Here’s How…

You can sense by now that we're on a mission, but it takes community and collaboration to drive a movement forward.

Whether in a wee way or a big way, we’d love you to join us on this epic journey.

Grab a Bite

Visit us at the food truck on Skye and tuck into vibrant salads, healthy stews, and heart-warming soups. You'll not only be nourishing your body but boosting the social enterprise and everything that we do in the community.

SELF Health Picnic Table

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Colourful juice, smoothies, and salad from SELF Health

Join the Team

Whether you’re a local volunteer who wants to learn and improve your cookery skills while helping the community, or you want to join our team as a chef, creator, ambassador, sponsor, or anything in between, we’d love to hear from you! 

Founder John Coghill and his team at SELF Health Scotland's healhtiest food truck on the Isle of Skye
Join the Team

A few words from our
customers and collaborators


What delicious food, a spectacular view, and a truly inspired idea that is spreading the word about the power of our food for health and happiness. We want to see this all over the country and what a difference it will make. Well done Angus John for your vision and care for our communities.

Lilia, Heal Scotland

Healthy food, smoothies, and juices at SELF Health food truck

Healthy Recipes & Resources to Help You Eat Well at Home

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SELF Health founder John Coghill

Meet the Founder…


SELF Health is the brainchild of me, John Coghill, from the Isle of Skye. Having spent most of my adult life working in hospitality which is not conducive to a healthy work-life balance, I have spent the best part of the past 20 years poorly nourished and unable to get off of the hamster-wheel of long working days surrounded by nutritionally questionable food and drink.

We become our environment.

For a long while, I've had a wee voice somewhere in the back of my head, telling there me there must be a better way to live.In August 2022, despite being flat out with work, I managed to open SELF-HEALTH food truck In Harrapool, Isle of Skye. for 2 months, I was surrounded by mushroom smoothies, fresh salads, wholesome warm meals, bone broth and more! The difference I felt physically and mentally after those 2 months changed my view of food forever. I still ate some of the rubbish that I'd done before, but just like sugar and carbs can hook us, I started getting hooked on the good stuff! I had only ever lost weight through exercise.

In these 2 months, I had no time to exercise, but lost a few kilos and felt incredible! 

For me, the most amazing thing is no matter how poorly we are treating our bodies, the change we can experience is noticeable within weeks of consuming nutritionally better produce. I am determined to make this an option for as many people in our country as possible.

Scotland has been fuelled by processed rubbish for too long now and is often referred to as the 'sick man of Europe'. We have the power and the most amazing larder on our doorstep to be able to change that, and change it fast if the will is there.

There is no shortage of discussion out there about the benefits of eating whole foods and that processed food is the enemy. We will be the action, not just the words.

Colourful bowl of SELF Health signature salad

"When it's all gone

something carries on

and it's not morbid at all

just when nature's had enough of you

when my blood stops

someone else's will thaw

when my head rolls off

someone else's will turn

and while I'm alive, I'll make tiny changes to earth"

Scott Hutchison, Frightened Rabbit

SELF Health team member Hilary outside the healthy food truck

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